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Advertising, Screen, Games


While Philp's past work has focused primarily on narrative nonfiction, he is currently pursuing additional opportunities in advertising, editorial, gaming, film and television. In addition to having worked as a contracted screenwriter in the past, he has worked as an advertising copywriter for many years and has written or overseen the messaging for many high-profile and industry-diverse websites and branding campaigns. 

Advertising and Narrative Consulting


Philp's recent advertising and branding work has focused on helping startups and nascent brands scale and increase market-share and visibility. Using his connections and skills gleaned at the top traditional publishers and more than a decade of online messaging, he's been able to help brands stand out and grow by effectively using narrative.


Philp has worked as a narrative consultant and messaging expert for brands such as the crowd-investing platform WaterWorksFund, as a consultant to the lead at Best Practices Institute, and helping to shape editorial and advertising messaging for the fashionable Detroit Is It. Philp has also contributed to messaging and direction to dozens of diverse businesses, such as the Museum of Northern Arizona, Schwab Industries, O'Bryan International Maritime Law, and BioLargo Water. 


Philp is formerly a co-writer at independent, Michigan-based Knagen films, where he co-wrote two unproduced feature films. 

Drew also holds the rights to his book, a $500 House in Detroit, and has a feature-length horror/thriller script and fantasy television pilot looking for a producer.  

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A relatively new endeavor for Philp, his passion for games has led him to a personal year-long study of games narrative. His games and fiction writing can be seen at London-Based gaming company Shades of VengeanceHe has been invited to give an hour-long talk about his findings on games narrative at the Ann Arbor chapter of the IGDA, and has been a participant in the Global Game Jam. 

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Most recently, Drew served as the guest editor for a special pandemic fiction issue of the Metro Times. He assembled more than twenty of Detroit's most accomplished and talented writers and artists to contribute fiction and visual art as a balm to the community and an act of solidarity with the paper struggling during the unprecedented shutdown. Drew also secured retroactive funding for all artists via the Kresge Foundation, who additionally featured the project in Kresge Arts in Detroit Presents

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